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Playhouses for sale in Manchester

Playhouse. Brand: Millys Playhouse ©

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Milly’s Playhouse ©

Home use or ideal as part of the school playground equipment

Milly’s playhouse = Equity in playground access

Available in all sizes.
To order this Playhouse please phone us or visit our factory in St Helens.
This playhouse has several variations we think you may like.
Designed with safety in mind for every child, this lovely child’s playhouse is suitable for girls and boys of all ages.
A wheelchair can access the whole of the playhouse without assistance. The only requirement would be a level paved or similar area.

Treatment: Free Basecoat. Assembled Free. Delivered: Free

Milly’s Playhouse 10×5 £850

Please ring for other prices and variations


4mm Polycarbonate windows

Virtually unbreakable windows. High impact resistance.
High clarity and light transmission.
Protects against harmful UV radiation.

Inside Milly’s Playhouse at night

Milly's-Playhouse-inside At-night

Milly’s Playhouse at night with inside lighting.
(not supplied)


Playhouse seating area


High-quality playhouses

Playhouse 6×6 with a veranda
Door offset to the right
Two standard windows

Playhouses-with-a Veranda

Playhouse 6×6 with a veranda
Door offset to the left
Two standard windows


Playhouse 6×6 with a veranda
Door offset to the right
Two picture windows


Playhouse 6×6 with a veranda
Door offset to the left
Two picture windows


Playhouse Prices 2022

Two 2’x2′ windows + a window in the door
6×5 playhouse standard windows £479
6×6 playhouse standard windows £499
6×5 playhouse picture windows £509
6×6 playhouse picture windows £529
Other sizes and variations are available
Can be made with no veranda
A playhouse with no veranda will not have an overhang on the roof
Extra windows standard 2’x2′ £20 per window
Picture windows 4’x2′ £40 per window

Please phone us for a price for all other playhouse sizes

We deliver garden buildings to Manchester and most areas in the northwest UK

You are Welcome

We would love to meet you and help you design your ideal child’s playhouse.

Shed Shop Sales Team

Factory and sales team.
Phone us for more information

Tel: 0161 549 4268

Location: St Helens Merseyside

Harts Timber Sheds
Moorfoot road industrial est
St Helens Merseyside
Choose a starting point.
Google maps will plan your route

Directions: Playhouses near me

Shed factory opening times

Monday–Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-2:00pm
Please ring first. We are not open every Saturday
Sunday: Closed

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