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Shed buying guide for wooden garden sheds.

Shed buying guide. Sheds Manchester. Harts Timber Sheds

Shed Shop Buying Guide

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Extend the lifespan of a shed by choosing the correct preservative.

The expected lifespan of wooden sheds is 10-15 years if they are cared for and maintained at regular time intervals

Delivered with a Base Coat applied

You paint the shed with Timber decking oil

Or paint it with Osmo country colours

We do not use sub-contractors as our own inhouse team will deliver and assemble your shed

Shed Buying Guide.

Shed buying guide and some information to help you choose a garden shed.
If you need more assistance, please phone one of our shed experts for advice it’s free

Choose a shed size:

Where space is limited measure the area to give us the exact measurements as this will ensure the shed will fit into any confined areas.

Type of shed and door options

Choose a shed with a pent or an apex roof.
A pent shed will give you more door positions.
Window options:
Full-size windows 24″ x 18″, Security windows 24″ x 9″, No windows.
Hinge the shed door on the left or the right.
Shed bearers:
We recommend shed bearers are used to protect the lower part of the shed


If you think access may be a problem to your road, driveway, or garden. Check for any height restrictions. Please call and discuss this with our Customer Service Team 01744 730004

After Ordering:

Every customer will have their garden shed delivered, and assembled free.
Prior to delivery an external base coat is applied to the shed.
Your shed will require painting with a suitable topcoat within four weeks.
Given on completion are free maintenance instructions to care for a timber shed.
Preservatives suitable for timber sheds.
Our recommended product is timber decking oil (not stain) or Osmo country colours


Cladding including the roof and floor:
Tongue & groove boards are widely known to be the best material to use for shed construction.
Shed cladding: Tongue & groove boards.
Roof: Tongue & groove boards.
Floor: Tongue & groove boards.
Frame: We use 34mm x 34mm framing, which is more than adequate for small, medium sheds. Large sheds will have extra frame and a roof truss installed as standard with a gable end span of 8ft or more.


As previously mentioned, a base coat will be applied free
Pressure-treated sheds will require another coat of timber treatment to seal the cladding.
Please read the information leaflet for all other sheds. Free with every shed.
Apply another coat of timber treatment to fully protect any shed

An easy way to order your shed

Use a Pent Shed Reference number.
Reference numbers are for any shed size.
Tell us the size of the shed along with this reference number and window type.

Type of shed and door options

Choose a shed with a pent or an apex roof.

We deliver garden sheds to most areas in the northwest UK

You are Welcome

Visit our shed factory in St Helens or visit our shed display area in Manchester.
We would love to meet you and help you choose your ideal shed.

Shed Shop Sales Teams

Factory and sales team.
Phone us to order a Shed

Location: St Helens Merseyside

Harts Timber Sheds
Moorfoot road industrial est
St Helens Merseyside
Choose a starting point.
Google maps will plan your route

Shed factory opening times

Monday–Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm
Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm
Sunday Closed

Shed display area and sales team
Phone us to order a Shed

Location: Walkden Manchester

Linnyshaw Garden Centre
M28 3NE
Choose a starting point.
Google maps will plan your routee

Garden Centre opening times

Monday–Friday 10:00am-4:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm
Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm

Please ring for opening times in January

Order your garden shed by phoning us with the following information.

1. Your full name.
2. Your full address.
3. A contact Telephone number.
4. Size of the shed required.
5. Type of roof
6. Window choice.
7. Do you require timber bearers?
8. Is the door hinged on the left, or right?
9. If possible, a shed reference number

View apex shed reference numbers

View pent shed reference numbers

Payment options: Cash or Cheque.
Please pay the driver

We value your opinion if you have any suggestions, please contact us

Garden shed maintenance guide

Every shed is pre-treated with a base-coat prior to delivery.
The base-coat will not fully protect the timber shed.
Paint your shed as soon as possible to fully protect the timber.
Apply the preservative to the exterior of your shed, any doors, and the inside of the roof to protect your shed for at least twelve months.
Preservatives suitable for a timber shed.
Our recommended products are:
Timber decking oil (not stain)
Osmo country colours.
The best Preservatives/paint should be for:
• Smooth planed timber. • Suitable for exterior planed timber • Contain fungicides

An Information leaflet explaining how to care for a shed is supplied with your shed

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