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Sheds Cheetham Hill
Driving directions to
Harts Timber Sheds

Sheds Cheetham Hill welcomes you

Find our shed display site near you with directions

Local Garden Shed Centre
Near Cheetham Hill

View garden sheds on display.
Friendly staff will help you choose a garden shed.
Many shed sizes are available

Traveling time: From Cheetham Hill: Approximately 24 minutes
Traveling distance: Just over 8 miles.
Map and suggested route traveling by car

Directions from Cheetham Hill to Harts Timber Sheds. Shed display area at: Linnyshaw Garden Centre

Harts Timber Sheds

A Trusted Manufacturer of garden buildings since 1989

Garden-sheds-apex-Cheetham Hill-Manchester

Best-selling apex sheds

For all shed sizes
Please refer to the price list

Delivered free | Assembled free
Treated free with a basecoat

Garden-sheds-pent-Cheetham Hill-Manchester

Best-selling pent sheds

Garden sheds are on display at Linnyshaw Garden Centre

You are Welcome

Order your garden shed by phoning us with the following information.


We would love to meet you and help you choose your ideal shed.

1. Your full name.
2. Your full address.
3. A contact Telephone number.
4. Size of the shed required.
5. Type of roof
6. Window choice.
7. Do you require timber bearers?
8. Is the door hinged on the left, or right?
9. If possible, a shed reference number

View apex shed reference numbers

View pent shed reference numbers

Payment options: Cash or Cheque.
Paid in full
Once your garden shed has been assembled in your garden

If you need more assistance, please phone one of our shed experts for advice it’s free

Phone the shed factory

Talk to a shed expert

Visit our shed factory

St Helens

Phone Linnyshaw Garden Centre

Knowledgeable sales staff

The expected lifespan of a wooden shed is 10-15 years if it is cared for and maintained at regular time intervals

Sheds Cheetham Hill

Thank you to all the customers who decided to buy their garden shed from us.

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